Monday, May 29, 2017

Create It! - Stage

I have always wanted Molly's Stage, but it was very expensive when it was released and it's quite expensive now since it's retired permanently.  So I made my own homemade modern version of it.  I love it.  And most of the supplies I used came from the Dollar Tree.
I glued two tri-folds together, back to back, that is how I created this look.

 photo IMG_4140_zpsxsiucrty.jpg

Here it is!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Anna Dress Photo Shoot

I loved the movie Frozen ever since I saw it in the theaters with my friends.  We stayed until the very end singing the songs and when the end credits scene with Marshmallow came on we were glad we stayed.

I knew I wanted to sew the dress Anna wore for most of the movie.  I also want to sew a few of the other dresses, but I didn't want to take on too much at one time.  So here is a photo shoot with Molly who modeled the dress perfectly.  If you wondered about what patterned I used, it is located on the Patterns tab at the top.


Monday, April 24, 2017

Long time, no blog

Hi ho, how are you doing?

Great, I have been quite busy the past month.  I am working on a huge craft and it's coming together, but I still have a few touches here and there.  I will share that once it's done.  I want to do a review on a few things I bought still too.  And I wanted to make a post to share about my new-to-me doll, Cassidy.  I will get those ready as soon as I find a minute.

I am sort of active on my Instagram account: everythingoddsandends, so if you want to see what I am doing there, it's the place to find me.  I share on the stories there quite a bit about what I'm working on.

I did start a sewing project too I would like to finish, but my carpal tunnel gets the best of me at times.  Argh.

So I thought I would drop a line and let you all know what is going on.  I am so excited for Z's release, I do want her.  I hope to buy her by the end of the year, with a ton of her accessories.  I love it!

Well, I suppose that's all from me, have a wonderday!

P.S. Do you like the new header?  I was getting bored with the last one, so I changed it up!  : )

Monday, March 27, 2017

My Life As... - Movie Night Accessories

As I went searching the past few weeks, I have been trying to find this accessory pack, but alas I couldn't.  I ventured on to eBay and someone was selling it for a reasonable price.  Most people try to sell it for over $20, it is only about $7 in the stores, so I didn't want to pay any more than $5 more.  And the seller I bought it from had it reasonably priced, just had to pay shipping.

Anywhos, on to the accessory pack!

To be honest, I really wanted this set for the 3-D glasses and soda bottles.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

American Girl Items!

I am lucky enough to have one of my local Toys R Us to have an American Girl section in the store.  I don't have an AG store close to me, it would take over four hours to get to one, so having a section in Toys R Us is insanely cool to me.

If you didn't know, American Girl is now being sold at some Toys R Us stores, for locations click on this link!

They currently just sell Wellie Wishers, Truly Me, and I believe will eventually have the 2017 Girl of the Year.  I am not sure about the last one, but I know they did have Lea, so hopefully they will have Gabriela too.

I bought three things and was so excited to see the section at Toys R Us.  When I checked out I even got an American Girl bag to have my purchases in.  It was a fun experience and I will hopefully be heading back to get a few more things when they rotate their products.

Anyways on to my purchases!

Monday, March 13, 2017

My Life As... - Doll Shopping Basket Review

My Life As... is a Walmart brand of 18 inch dolls.  The dolls are cute and they have lots of different sets for 18 inch dolls at reasonable prices.  I was hoping to find a different set, but couldn't find it.  The section at the store I went too was kind of bare.  I imagine it's quite popular because of the prices and fun sets they have.

I picked up the Doll Shopping Basket.  I don't have a lot of food for my dolls and this basket has the perfect sizes.  I do think I may want to get a second one because it comes with one of everything, but it's an adorable set.